June 16, 2024

Athletics - Shot put: Tobias Dahm of Neuengstedt putt putter ends his career

Athletics – Shot put: Tobias Dahm of Neuengstedt putt putter ends his career

Tobias Dahm introduced himself to his Calw-area fans at a shot putter meet at the Kurpark in Bad Liebenzell last year. Photo: curly hair

Tobias raiding the shooting racket has ended his career. The 34-year-old Neuhengstetter announced this on Instagram. “It’s a painful decision, but it works for me.”

“I’ll leave the shot on stage with my head held high,” wrote the athlete, who started with team VFL Sindelfingen and thanked his comrades and supporters in his 20-year competitive sports career.

2016 participant in the Olympic Games in Rio

2016 was the most successful year for Tobias Dahm. At that time he had fulfilled his dream of Olympic Games and was part of the German team fighting for sports awards in Rio de Janeiro. At a height of 19.62 meters, he missed the goal of reaching the Olympic final. In the same year he was in the World Indoor Championships in Portland / Oregon in the United States. In the final he reached 20.22 meters, which means eighth place in the final.

2013 second in the German championship

At the national level, the 2.03-meter athlete caught himself in 2013 when he finished second at the German Championships in Ulm. The following year he placed third in national title fights. Another year later, he finished second in the German championship at home and abroad – always behind world-class athlete David Sturl of SC DHfK Leipzig.

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Breaking the 20-meter barrier for the first time in 2016

His first 20-meter throw dates back to 2016. Below the hall, he set his personal best of 20.56 metres. In 2016, Tobias Dahm, who started athletics at VFL Ostelsheim, won the German Indoor Championships. In 2018 and 2019, he finished second in the German Indoor Championships. His outside record is 20.42 metres.

Training up to six times a week

Tobias Dehm trained up to six times a week, but continued to do athletics as a hobby. He works full time for a large triple star car manufacturer in the field of car development.