April 25, 2024

Athletics: Christoph Kessler created the EM Standard

Athletics: Christoph Kessler created the EM Standard

Christoph Kessler (centre) showed his current strong form at the Merck Lauf Gala in Pfongstadt. Photo: Ebner

At the Merck-Lauf Gala in Pfungstadt, Christoph Kessler of Donaueschingen (LG Karlsruhe region) bought his European Championship ticket over the 800 metres.

The Merck-Lauf Gala in Pfungstadt once again showed a top level performance on Saturday. With more than 400 athletes registered, there was an overwhelming response. Eleven men ran the 800m alone. Here, ten athletes actually had a reporting time of less than 1:47 minutes.

Adrian Engstler and Alex Kessler excel too

In race 6, Alexander Kessler of Donaueschingen (also LG Region Karlsruhe) won his race in 1:53.24 minutes. Later, the younger brother of Christoph Kessler was still working as a “pacemaker” at a distance of 1500 meters.

Adrian Engstler (TV Villingen) took part in the second race due to his better scoring time and his best shot. He ran his race bravely and was rewarded with a very good time of 1:48.22 minutes, which means ninth place for Wellinger overall.

Best time to improve by 1 second

Christoph Kessler from Donaueschingen fought hard against the Commonwealth Games finalists – Kyle Langford and Gurley Neal (both from Great Britain). The race was absolutely perfect for Christoph Kessler as he finished third with a time of 1:45.27 minutes behind England’s Langford Kyle (1:44.61) and Gurley Neal (1:44.82). The man from Donaueschingen, who now lives in Munich, improved his best time by a full second and lowered the European Championship level (1:45.90) ​​for Munich.

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Christoph Kessler is happy after qualifying for the European Championship: “Things went very well for me in this fast race. The feeling that I have already met the European Championship standard is of course very positive.”

The 1500m race Tim Assmann (TV Villingen) showed his improved form. The fastest time across the finish line in 3 minutes 40.95 minutes. The winner was Marius Probst of TV Wattenscheid (3:38.73).

With big goals now to DM in Berlin

At the German Championships next weekend in Berlin, Adrian Engstler will have his sights set on a medal in the 800m final, Christoph Kessler and Tim Assmann – both over 1500m.