Asylum seekers are flown to Rwanda

The UK will move its first 30 asylum seekers to Rwanda on Tuesday. The High Court of London has already given the green light.

The basics in brief

  • Asylum seekers who entered the UK illegally will soon end up in Rwanda.
  • The conservative government wants to use this to deter refugees.

The court gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government the green light: asylum seekers who entered Germany illegally could be transferred to Rwanda. The plan is highly controversial.

The High Court in London refused to issue an injunction on Friday evening. That won’t stop the first flight scheduled for Tuesday with about 30 asylum seekers to the East African country.

Plaintiffs – many refugee organizations and unions – can appeal the ruling. Then the appeals court can hear the case on Monday.

The agreement with Rwanda provides for the transfer of people who have illegally arrived in Great Britain to the East African country. They can then apply for asylum there.

The conservative government wants to use this to deter refugees. Human rights activists argue that the agreement violates the right to asylum.

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