Astronauts investigate possible leaks on the International Space Station | Free Press

The International Space Station crew had feared three new leaks – and now the caution is crystal clear. A special microscope was moved into space for a hard-to-reach area.

MOSCOW (dpa) – When looking for more ISS leaks, the crew gave all clarity with caution.

Initially, astronauts feared at least three new leaks. These have now been checked. The result: “There is a scratch somewhere, and in another place there is a scratch,” said astronaut Sergei Rishiko of Russia’s Interfax agency.

The result of checking a hard-to-reach place under a hanging tube is still. As evidenced by radio messages from the crew to the flight control center, recordings are now evaluated from a special microscope. The microscope was brought to the International Space Station in a spaceship cargo ship from the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan last week.

In the fall, the crew found a 4.5 cm hole and temporarily closed it. She added that it is expected to be closed again next Monday. Astronauts will be trained on this at the end of the week.

There are currently seven space travelers on a human focus 400 kilometers above Earth – in addition to the two Russians, there are four Americans and one Japanese.

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