Astronaut Maurer looks forward to coffee, pizza and salad

Astronaut Matthew Maurer

Astronaut Matthias Maurer looks at Earth from the dome of the International Space Station (ISS). Photo: NASA/ESA-M.Maurer/dpa

(Photo: dpa)

“Of course I’m happy,” the 52-year-old told dpa. And indeed on much of what was lacking in space. “I’m looking forward to a fresh salad, fresh fruit, fresh food, crunchy pizza, and maybe a few sodas as well,” he said. And real coffee, latte macchiato with milk foam on top.

But he also craves other earthly things like proper bathing and outdoor walks. And: “I see my friends and hug them. All these are things I couldn’t have had for six months.” In order to acclimatize as soon as possible after returning to Earth – and also to get used to gravity again – he first wanted to sleep a lot. Then he said, that would be better.

Maurer, an ESA astronaut, traveled to the site of humanity with three NASA colleagues on November 11, 2021. He participated in about 150 experiments in the laboratory at an altitude of about 400 km – and was also on a spacewalk. “I’m glad everything went well and it was just a successful mission in all respects,” said Sarlander.

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