June 14, 2024

Astronaut Gerst: Rejection expected for Esa application |  Free Press

Astronaut Gerst: Rejection expected for Esa application | Free Press

Do astronauts have to be supermen? Maybe not necessarily. So it is a good thing that Alexander Gerst gave his dream a chance by advancing to Esa.

Cologne / Paris (dpa) – German astronaut Alexander Gerst, 44, expected his application to be rejected by the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2008.

“I thought that the astronauts should be supermen – it was clear to me that I was only human,” said Gerst of Deutsche Presse-Agentur. He also knows the statistics. Thousands of people apply, but only four to six people are selected. It would be arrogant to think, “Of course I can.” It is about giving your dream a fair chance. “

A geophysicist was transferred from Kunzelsau (Baden-Württemberg) to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2014 and 2018.

For the first time in more than a decade, Esa is looking for new space travelers as of the end of March. The organization is also looking for astronauts with some degree of physical disability. “We need a good representation of society in the form of astronauts,” Gerst said. “It’s not about providing a service to people with disabilities. But we see diversity as an opportunity.”

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