Astra HD Plus arrives on TV via an app

wide range

Convenient functionality of the HD Plus app includes searching all media libraries of public and private broadcasters. Photo: Sony / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

And you don’t want to pay anything, you still need an indoor or outdoor satellite dish and TV receiver New devices are often delivered with this app anyway. After that, only a satellite receiver is needed for reception, but it is already built into all modern TVs as well as a cable receiver.

Pure internet reception possible

Panasonic It goes one step further and even enables most TV models as of 2021 to receive HD Plus IP without a satellite antenna. Instead, the signals come online.

That is why so-called convenience functions such as restarting existing programs, access to several media libraries and extended search functions are also possible via HD Plus IP. If the TV is connected to the Internet, which is the norm, these convenience functions are also available when receiving via HD Plus Sat.

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Inquire about compatible TV models

Astra specifies 6 Mbit/s as the minimum internet line speed for HD Plus IP, but recommends 16 Mbit/s. What TV models HD Plus IP Support can be inquired on the Astra product page. The same goes for TV models with support HD Plus Sat.

Subscription costs €6 per month for HD Plus Sat and HD Plus IP or €75 once for a year. Includes 26 private HD channels and 3 UHD channels. There are also 50 generic HD programs.

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only from this 50 free HD programs And you don’t want to pay anything, you still need a dish and an indoor or outdoor satellite (DVB-S) receiver in the TV. TV apps and convenience functions can only be used by paying HD Plus customers.

HD Plus product page

Panasonic Information on HD Plus IP

Astra information about receiving free HD channels

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