June 14, 2024

Asteroid “Sar2667” is heading towards Earth – eyewitnesses film its impact

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from: Martina Lebel

A ball of fire suddenly lights up the sky over the English Channel. The asteroid “Sar2667” caused the network to startle.

LONDON – A small meteor in the sky is causing a stir on social networks. Eyewitnesses over the moon. They share snapshots of a very special moment. A fireball burning like a shooting star in the dark night sky. “How beautiful,” Twitter users write kadeflowers to his short video clip.

Asteroid “Sar2667” lights up the night sky – eyewitnesses are excited

The asteroid called “Sar2667” appeared in the sky over the English Channel on Monday morning in a streak of fire, racing even further toward Earth. Then the heavenly body seemed to explode. Glowing flash lights everything up for seconds. The recordings of this light show are really impressive. Find yourself:

Asteroid lights up in the night sky over the English Channel: ‘I just saw it and it was amazing’

Incredible footage: Asteroid Sar2267 makes a spectacle in the sky. © @kadeflowers / PA Media / dpa

The asteroid lit up the sky with a stunning pink flash as it burned, one wrote Twitter user. “I just saw that and it was cool,” another user shared. “Green like a bright emerald and then a bright orange very quickly.” He had a very nice view of the asteroid over the English Channel overlooking France. Some managed to take pictures of “Sar2667”.

The European Space Agency (ESA) predicted an asteroid impact

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the US Space Agency (NASA) are working extensively on asteroid defense. Last year’s purported DART test mission was a complete success. For the first time in the history of space, an asteroid has been pushed out of its orbit. It looks like a plot from a Hollywood movie. Although no asteroid is currently on a collision course with our planet, space agencies want to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

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Asteroids: Danger from Outer Space

Even if Sarum is a small meteorite, Esa considers her asteroid prediction a success. “It is only the seventh time that an astronomical effect has been predicted,” Esa wrote on Twitter. “But it is a sign of rapid progress in forecasting such events.” The European Space Agency had announced earlier that the asteroid would enter Earth’s atmosphere over northern France.

What are asteroids?

  • Asteroids are “old space rocks” left over from the formation of the solar system about 4.6 years ago, according to the ESA.
  • Most of this space debris orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter in what is known as the main asteroid belt.
  • Billions of years ago, asteroids likely brought complex molecules and possibly life to Earth.
  • However, scientists consider an asteroid collision about 66 million years ago to be the most likely cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Esa says that it wants to make a significant contribution to a global planetary defense system by 2030. The system should warn about three weeks in advance, for example, of dangerous asteroids larger than 40 meters, it can be found on the Esa website.

At the South Pole, researchers are always looking for rocks from space. During an expedition under the most difficult conditions, scientists stumbled upon a rare gem – a meteorite weighing 7.6 kilograms. (Ml)