May 23, 2024

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Asteroid “Bennu”: the possibility of a collision more than expected

In the next century, the asteroid “Bennu” could hit the Earth. The probability is small, but it seems higher than previously assumed.

The basics in brief

  • Bennu is one of the most dangerous asteroids on Earth.
  • The probability that it will hit Earth by 2300 is 1 in 1750.
  • So the chance is slightly higher than what NASA last assumed.

Bennu is about 500 meters high and about 60 million tons Possible danger to Earth. An asteroid could hit the planet in the year 2182. But the chances are slim – the last one is gold NASA Assuming a probability of 1 in 2700 or 0.037 percent.

One was published in Icarus magazine study But now it’s called a slightly higher probability. Accordingly, the odds are 1:1750 that «Bennu» will be up to 2300 Earth He hits. This was reported by “Hessische / Niedersächsische Allgemeine”. Although “Bino” for two Earth The most dangerous asteroids.

Asteroid “Bennu” can cause great damage

Importance for our planet It will be the year 2135. This year, the asteroid will fly close to our planet. Depending on the effect of gravity, the Bahn From asteroid to 2182 on Earth Meets.

The orb may cause severe damage in the event of a potential collision. The crater could be ten to twenty times the size of the asteroid itself.

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