July 13, 2024

Asrock motherboards with BIOS / UEFI updates for new CPUs

Asrock motherboards with BIOS / UEFI updates for new CPUs

From Norman Wittkoff
Motherboard manufacturer Asrock is making motherboards with the current Intel 600 chipset suitable for its upcoming Raptor Lake processors via a BIOS/UEFI update.

13th Generation Intel Core i Codename “Raptor Lake” Supposed to be in Second half of 2022 Appearing and on the current desktop socket LGA 1700 with a continuous hybrid design at 7nm, the Alder Lake processors inherit from last year in an improved form and against Zen 4 generation from AMD Lined up

Matching the upcoming, but not yet precisely dated version of the new Intel CPUs, Asrock has now published a compatibility list for current motherboard models and the first BIOS and UEFI updates. There must be one for Lake Raptor too New 700 chipset There are, but older chipsets are also essentially compatible, so the different motherboards with the Z690, H670, B660, and H610 are still supported via updates from Asrock, which are listed by the manufacturer in the following overview.

Intel Raptor Lake: Asrock motherboards with BIOS/UEFI updates for new CPUs.

Source: Asrock

Update, ADI and Download

In its announcement, Asrock also notes that updates should be made easy via the internal EZ-Update/Setting function, as most motherboard models with Intel’s 600 series have a BIOS Flashback button that allows for easy updating via a USB drive.

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In addition, Auto Driver Installer (ADI) is integrated into the latest BIOS of all mentioned motherboards, which aims to offer Ethernet functionality even without starting the operating system, thus providing a simple way to install all required drivers without the need to download and run an installation The driver is at the operating system level. Meanwhile, different BIOS or UEFI versions are available to download for the respective motherboard models Available on Asrock.