June 21, 2024

As Archie: Prince Edwards is children who are not a prince and princess

As Archie: Prince Edwards is children who are not a prince and princess

Not every member of the royal family becomes a prince. At least since the sensational Oprah interview by Megan (39) and Harry (36), this must also be known outside of the UK’s borders. The Duchess told how she was reassured during her pregnancy that her son Archie (1) would not get a title. This, in turn, is a guarantee of comprehensive safety precautions in the British royal family. However, this regulation is not new: Prince Edwards (57) children also lead the royal life without the title of prince or princess.

Indeed, after marrying Sophie (56 years old), Edward and Queen Elizabeth II (94) agreed that his children would be considered children who would not be referred to as “His Royal Highness.” Consequently, Louise and James are the first offspring of a male heir to the throne who does not hold a royal title. Instead, they were allowed to use the nickname Mountbatten-Windsor. According to her mother Sophie, Louise and James are not supposed to do any official business for the royal family after they turn 18. In addition to Edwards’s offspring, Zara and Peter, children of Princess Anne (70), have no surname.

If you’re looking for an Archie difference, you can see that Edward apparently voluntarily refrained from awarding his children the title of Prince and Princess. In an Oprah interview, Megan also claimed that there were concerns in the royal family about Archie’s complexion. Since then, these suspicions have been assumed to have been a reason Megans and Harry’s son were not given a title.

Prince Harry, Duchess Megan and Archie Harrison
Prince Edward, Sophie of Wessex and their children Louise and James
Duchess Megan and Oprah Winfrey, March 2021