June 23, 2024

Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Munich - Persuading the Swiss in the team final with fourth place - Sports

Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Munich – Persuading the Swiss in the team final with fourth place – Sports


The young Swiss team finished fourth in the team final at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Gold went to Great Britain.

The young Swiss quintet with Noe Seifert, Andreen Frey, Moreno Crater, Marco Pfell and Dominic Tamsel showed a strong rivalry between the team. Before the last rotation, the Swiss team was only 0.7 points behind the bronze position. On the last machine, the pommel horse, it was necessary to exploit the loophole to intervene in the battle for the medal.

This exploitation did not happen. Tamsel got off to a good start, but neither Seifert nor Frey could fully convince. Instead, favorites prevailed. It is clear that Great Britain won the gold medal with a total of 254,295 points. Italy won (247.494) just before Turkey (246,162). In the end, Switzerland was just below the medal by two points (243.994).

Mistakes prevent a better Swiss result

After the strong start of the Swiss in the rings, Crater jumped. With a score of 14,466 points, he showed a strong performance. Seifert also excelled (14.066 points) in the second round.

On the other hand, the third Swiss, Frey, failed in his jump. The fall cost him a full point in electronic value, which ended up with 13,400 points. In qualifying he scored 14,383 points with Dragolescu – a triple somersault forward with a half lap.

As before, in the third machine, the parallel bars, Seifert showed a strong performance (14,733 points). However, one of the team members missed this item as well. Pfyl only got 13,333 points, bringing the Swiss back a bit. In general, the Swiss quintet made a lot of mistakes to achieve a surprise medal win. The still inexperienced team can be very satisfied with the fourth place, even reaching the final was a success.

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Here’s how to proceed

On Sunday, two Swiss players are still playing in the singles finals. Seifert plays gymnastics on the horizontal bar, and Frey in jumping. Phil is also still hoping for a place in the final. After rank 9 in the qualification, he became the first heir in the horizontal column. Starting at 3:00 PM, you’ll be able to see decisions live on the second SRF.