June 21, 2024

Artist with chart record: Robbie Williams dethrones Elvis Presley

Artist with chart record: Robbie Williams dethrones Elvis Presley

artist with chart record
Robbie Williams fires Elvis Presley

Robbie Williams has been working as a solo artist for 25 years now. This alone requires respect. In addition, he is also very successful. In the British album charts, he can now even break the old record set by Elvis Presley.

Best XXV Album by Robbie Williams was released on September 9. On Friday, the work reached the top of the charts in the UK, giving the musician a record in his homeland. As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.Williams is now on the top of the official UK album charts with a total of 14 times with the new success. In doing so, he broke the previous record of Elvis Presley as a solo artist for most number one albums in the UK. As a group, the Beatles hold the record with 15 top rankings.

Including his work with Take That, Robbie Williams has now recorded a total of 19 chart-topping albums in the UK. Only Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles has more: He has been able to celebrate chart success a total of 23 times with The Beatles, The Wings, or as a solo artist.

Robbie Williams: Fans didn’t take it for granted

Williams said of his new album on Friday, according to the Daily Mail: “I’m so happy it made it to number one, and while it seems odd to receive an award in these trying times, I wanted to thank you all for your album, thank you. For your support and dedicating this to the fans who didn’t I never take it for granted and I will never take it for granted.”

In addition to copies of his greatest hits recorded with the orchestra, the new single “Lost” can be heard on the album “XXV”. In an ad, the singer said the song was “about the times in my life when I ran away from myself and was very considerate.” Williams will tour the UK and Ireland with XXV this fall. The former Take That member is celebrating a half-year anniversary this year: the music star has been on stage as a solo singer for 25 years.

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