May 21, 2024

Artemas is in first place on the list of hit songs – Who is the Tiktok singer?? – SRF Radio 3


Artemas has reached number one on the charts seemingly out of nowhere. But only apparently: The Englishman has been posting one viral video after another on Tiktok for months.

A week ago, Artemas jumped from zero to number two on the Swiss charts with his song “I Like the Way You Kiss Me.” Now the Englishman has loosened the grip of the catchy, unforgiving tune “Beautiful Things” and ended Benson Boone's eight-week reign.

Artemas landed in the strike parade very suddenly. But that success has been evident for a long time, as is often the case on Tiktok. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about the new number one.

Who is Artemas?

Hailing from a small town in Oxfordshire, England, northwest of London, he is 24 years old and his name is Artemas Diamandis. The name reveals it: the musician has Cypriot roots.

At the end of 2020, he released his first songs. This inspired him to write songs The Kurt Cobain documentary “Montage of Heck” he watched when he was 16, he said in an interview.


Artemas doesn't have any time to rest at the moment: the Englishman is touring across Europe and the US in the spring – and a stop in Switzerland is not currently scheduled. Maybe there's another surprise to book for the festival?

Warner Music/Amir Hussein

What does his music sound like?

Most of the tracks can be broadly classified as alternative R&B. Or to put it another way: If you like The Weeknd, you also like Artemas. And not only the “Blinding Lights” era of the world-famous Canadian, but all its creative phases. On his current mixtape, “Pretty,” Artemas sounds as if The Weeknd got lost in Berghain about ten years ago and never found his way back.

The propulsive dark wave of the hit single “I Like the Way You Kiss Me” fits into the Swiss charts very well, as the more digestible pop numbers are usually at the top. By the way, Artemas is not afraid of such things: his 2021 single “Real Life” is full of contemporary radio relevance.

How did he get so big?

Thanks to social media of course, as always these days. More specifically, the 24-year-old has found a way to post regularly on Tiktok. The strategy is simple: if one of his songs reminds you of Lady Gaga's voice, he posts photos of it with her, writes her name and the corresponding hashtags — and it transforms, because at first it sounds like a new, unusual Gaga. Song Listen to the clip.

He has posted The Weeknd – of course – often and so did Drake several times last September. With the Canadian rap star's next album about to be released, people have been anticipating it in droves. They helped Artemas' song “Cross My Heart” reach millions of streams, paving the way for the streaming success of the following single “If U Think I'm Pretty” and eventually the mainstream breakthrough of “I Like the Way You Kiss Me.” “It has become possible.

How big is it really?

The current single is used as the soundtrack in an impressive 750,000 posts on Tiktok and has already clocked up 120 million streams on Spotify. The result: number one on the viral charts and currently 27 million monthly listeners on this particular platform. For comparison: The Weeknd now has 113 million, Drake 82 million, and Gaga 58 million.

“I Like the Way You Kiss Me” tops the charts in several other (mostly European) countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And in his home country of Great Britain, he's so far only ranked sixth – he can't even surpass Beyoncé's “Texas Hold 'Em”.

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