June 14, 2024

Art meets science at the STEIERMARK SCHAU

OeAW’s research on exoplanets has inspired artists. The immersive exhibition can be experienced at a traveling pavilion on Vienna’s Heldenplatz until April 3.

Experience distant planets up close. This is possible with the immersive gallery experience. Video: Nils Kaltschmidt / Heynckes Film Production

Bringing research to the public is an essential tool in combating scientific skepticism. From March 23, 2023, the artists’ work based on research by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) can be viewed at a traveling pavilion on Vienna’s Heldenplatz as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU’s state exhibition.

The Exoplanets team of the OeAW Institute for Space Research Graz inspired the artists to create their work, which appears under the title Atmosphere: Art, Climate and Space Research. The immersive exhibition conveys new impressions of foreign atmospheres. The latest research findings on planets inside and outside our solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life are presented in video contributions by OeAW scientists and in viewing areas outside the wing.

Wonderful images from faraway worlds

ÖAW President Heinz Fassmann says: “Planets outside our solar system are numerous and diverse. Perhaps we are not alone in the universe, whose size and structure is also difficult to imagine. A technical implementation based on current research results is most valuable in order to give us a picture of something that is difficult to reconcile with our daily experiences. I am pleased This wonderful collaboration of science and art as part of the Styrian State Fair.

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Christian Helling, Director of the OeAW Institute, adds: “The Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has visited almost every planet in our solar system with its flying instruments. However, our technology is still far from making it possible to visit an exoplanet. STEIERMARK SCHAU illuminates what appears not to be It is understood from a scientific and artistic point of view and conveys the uniqueness of our planet so far.