June 21, 2024

Are animals saved instead of people?: Email in Afghanistan points to Johnson lying

Are animals saved instead of people?: Email in Afghanistan points to Johnson lying

Save animals instead of people?
Afghanistan email mentions Johnson’s lie

Western forces hastily withdrew from Afghanistan last summer. They saved thousands of local workers with evacuation flights. But Britain may have given up some in favor of pets, at Prime Minister Johnson’s direction.

There is a new problem facing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to media reports, he may have allowed the evacuation of about 150 cats and dogs from the Afghan capital, Kabul – at the people’s expense. This was suggested by an email from the British Foreign Office issued by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

The evacuation of animals last summer, when Western forces hastily withdrew from Afghanistan, sparked a storm of indignation in Great Britain. The prime minister has dismissed reports that Johnson personally campaigned for the animals to be flown in, calling them “pure nonsense”. However, the State Department’s internal email specifically states that Johnson authorized the evacuation of staff and animals.

A spokesman for the prime minister again rejected this claim. “The issue remains that the prime minister has not issued any instructions to officials on any particular course of action,” the spokesman said. Critics fear the animals are being evacuated at the expense of people who have been threatened by the hardline Islamist Taliban movement for revenge.

The ex-soldier flew with the animals

Britain evacuated 15,000 of its nationals and local staff from the armed forces and other British agencies within days, while the Taliban took control of Afghanistan at breakneck speed. Thousands of people with ties to Britain were left behind in the accelerated work of the country.

Ex-British soldier Paul (Ben) Farthing has campaigned for animal relocation in a day-long campaign on social media and in TV interviews – with success. He left the country with cats and dogs on a last-minute chartered flight. However, the staff of the Animal Protection Organization Nawzad in Kabul, which he founded, had to stay behind at first.

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