June 20, 2024

ARD host Stefan Moros makes a tasteless joke - the announcer reacts

ARD host Stefan Moros makes a tasteless joke – the announcer reacts

Stefan Murs caused outrage in the latest issue of “Always Sunday.”Photo: screenshot

On the 4th of September, Stefan Gross led the latest “Always Sundays” edition of the year – and provided a moment that led to the discussions. On his show, the 46-year-old welcomed, among other things, little Joanna, who sang “Pippi Longstocking” and accompanied herself on guitar.

Before that, there was a short conversation between the girl and the supervisor, during which a dubious pun was laid. Opposite RTL He now points to the SWR position and is followed by an apology.

Stefan Moros causes excitement

Seven-year-old Joanna Glutzbach traveled from Thuringia with her family for the TV event and has now been able to establish herself in the red mic. In the course of the short interview, the girl turned out to be a fan of horses, which prompted Morus to ask a very controversial question that has two meanings:

“What’s so special about (M) Ross’ riding?”

Stefan Gross interviewed young artist Joanna Glutzbach.

Stefan Gross interviewed young artist Joanna Glutzbach.Photo: a shot of the earth

In social networks, the moment did not go unnoticed. One disbeliever user wrote on Twitter: “Really now or am I already hooked?”

‘Always Sundays’ scandal: Here’s what MDR . says

As MDR now tells RTL, the dialogue with Mrss has already been sought behind the scenes. The moderator’s comment on “Always Again on Sunday” was not based on malicious intent: “We were able to speak to Stefan Murs about the scene in question. He made the joke spontaneously – and without any intention of hurting his young guest or the audience.

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However, the master apologizes to the announcer. “The director of our popular entertainment program is very sorry that the joke caused outrage,” the statement said.

Joanna traveled to attend the show with her family.

Joanna traveled to attend the show with her family.Photo: screenshot

The “Always Sundays” version is available after TV broadcasts in ARD’s media library, and should remain so despite criticism – “for reasons of transparency,” MDR finally explains. The horse question scene isn’t cut later either, but it can still be seen.