October 5, 2023

Apple saves.  The new MacBook Pro is slower than its predecessor.

Apple saves. The new MacBook Pro is slower than its predecessor.

Apple fans disappointed: When it comes to storage, the new MacBook Pro is slower than its immediate predecessor.

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A step back at Apple: New MacBook Pro buyers have to adapt to slower storage.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip, which went on sale Friday, appears to have a much slower hard drive than its direct predecessor, at least in the basic configuration. This is the result of several tests of solid state drive (SSD) performance for the new MacBook Pro.

In terms of writing speed, the MacBook Pro M2 is 30 percent slower than the MacBook Pro M1 released in 2020, and in terms of reading speed it is 50 percent slower. Except for the built-in processor, this should be nearly identical to its successor. The comparison was made with the cheapest version of the laptop, the one with 256 GB of storage space.

only one slice

Vadim Yuriev from Max Tech found the reason for this drop in performance by opening laptops. Modern hard drives are based on NAND flash chips. In the 2020 model, 256 GB of storage is achieved by two NAND chips, each with a capacity of 128 GB. However, the 2022 model only has a single 256GB chip installed.

However, the use of two NAND chips offers a number of advantages, the most important of which is that the processor can control both chips at the same time and thus read and write more data. Apple saved money on the 256GB MacBook Pro M2 or couldn’t get enough of the 128GB chips.

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This discrepancy was not observed in tests published before the start of sales. Presumably, this is because Apple provided journalists with test devices with at least 512GB of memory. Two NAND chips are installed here again, so that the performance was similar to the previous model.