Apple releases an app for fans of classical music

Apple adds a classic music app to its music streaming service, Apple Music. Apple Music Classical offers five million titles with high-quality audio, background information, and search functions designed specifically for the genre. The app will be released on March 28.

If you love listening to classical music, you must be happy with Apple’s new app. The company’s “Apple Music Classical” app is currently in the App Store “pre order” Developed specifically for classics, as indicated in the description. With the app, a classic catalog of five million titles can be called up—”the world’s largest classical catalog,” Apple declares. Everything from new releases to famous masterpieces is included, including thousands of exclusive albums.

Apple also emphasizes sound quality: Hi-Res Lossless with a maximum resolution of 192 kHz and 24-bit. Thousands of recordings will also be available in Dolby Atmos, a feature Apple introduced to its Apple Music streaming service in spring 2021.

The new application should not only record music, but also data. Apple wrote that the title description data in the catalog is “complete and accurate”. This also benefits the search function: here you should be able to search specifically for an author, work, conductor or catalog number. The app also provides “essential playlists, insightful author biographies, in-depth guides to many key works, and easy browsing features.”

Apple notes that everyone who has a subscription to the Apple Music streaming service can use “Apple Music Classical.” According to the application description, there should be no additional costs. The Classic app is not available to users of the cheapest Apple Music Voice subscription. “Apple Music Classical” will be released on March 28, 2023.

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It has been known since 2021 that Apple is planning an application for classical music lovers, As reported by “Heise”.. At that time, the streaming service Primephonic, which specialized in classical music, was acquired by Apple.

In January 2023, Apple updates its smart home speaker. The new version of the Homepod looks just like its predecessor — but is now compatible with the Matter smart home standard. The Siri speaker can now also be used as a thermometer and hygrometer, as you can read here.

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