If you want to stay up to date with world news at a glance, you can use the “Apple News Widget” on your iPhone. However, some users have reported that the news widget disappears after restarting or updating an iOS device.

GIGA explains how to get your news widget back if it has disappeared from you as well.

For other users, the widget is still there, but it doesn’t show any messages, it’s just black. In this case, you have to press and hold on the black area and delete the widget first. Then add it back to the home screen:

  1. Press longer for this in a free zone on the iOS Home screen until the app icons start to flicker.
  2. Shown at the top right plus symbolto press.
  3. The widget menu opens. Scroll down here. in a Select the entry “News” from the list.
  4. choose it Widget design “Apple News” Outside. You can either display a title with an image, or two or four pure text titles.
  5. Journalism “add widgetTo put it in the specified location.


Is there still space on the home screen? This is a nice tool too:

Can’t set up the news widget again? Then you have to go a little deeper into the settings. In Germany, the feature is not well developed yet, while in the US there is also its own “Apple News” app. If you change the region setting on your iPhone, the Apple News widget will appear again:

  1. summons iOS Settings employment.
  2. control the departmentgeneral“a.
  3. Select “Language and Region”.
  4. under “Area“You choose”United States of America” Outside.
  5. iPhone restarts. After that, the news widget should be back pop up.
  6. You should go back to the area.”GermanyIt can be set without the tool disappearing again.
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You also should not do without these tools:

For German users, there are no setup options for the Apple News tool. For example, you cannot manually select which sources news items are pulled from. Certain pages also cannot be excluded. The tool can also be improved in another way:

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