June 20, 2024

Apple launches a new app: Apple Sports | News

The choice of applications developed by Apple has become another option, as the company today introduced the “Apple Sports” application. The name already clearly expresses what it is about: real-time results of sporting events, statistics and news about football, hockey or basketball. However, there are major limitations because the app is initially only available in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. This was initially surprising, as the reports also cover leagues where Apple Sports is not currently offered – including the Bundesliga, La Liga or the Italian Seria A. However, it is a service linked to Apple News, and is also only available in Available in the mentioned countries.

Periodicals currently available
in press release Apple explains from which sports league scores and other information is generated. More offers are planned to be included in the foreseeable future. The list currently looks like this:

  • Multilateral
  • NBA
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (men’s and women’s)
  • NHL
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • League MX
  • French League 1
  • Premier League
  • Series A

Anyone using Apple Sports can individually group the sports or teams they want to update. No matter whether it is about scores, lineups or betting odds, everything is aggregated and available in the app. There is also a connection to streaming apps to switch to live streaming. Apple also mentions syncing between Apple TV and Apple News.
Apple’s sporting ambitions
The application dedicated to sports once again confirms Apple’s ambitions to engage in the sports sector. These include, among others, streaming rights: for example, Major League Soccer can be subscribed exclusively via Apple TV, while there are also Major League Baseball matches. They are clearly interested in Formula 1.

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requirements (Shop: )
In addition to the restriction that Apple Sports can currently only be found in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada, your iPhone must also have iOS 17.2 or later installed. Available languages ​​are English, French and Spanish.