May 23, 2024

Apple internally classifies current HomeKit problems as serious ›

Most of the recent talk about Apple Home has been about Apple’s update to the HomeKit architecture, which was announced in the summer. According to Apple, what should have provided basic improvements has caused serious problems for at least some users. Apple has now publicized the update internally as a particularly serious failure.

American Blog Mac rumors I learned from Apple circles that the manufacturer included the HomeKit update associated with macOS Ventura 13.1 and iOS 16.2 in an insider database of only common and unusual problems. The list appears to be used equally by support personnel directly at Apple, at Apple Retail Stores, and at Apple Authorized Service Providers. The main focus here is hardware issues.

Apple had to pull the update

This rating actually only reflects what was indicated at least two days before Christmas. Apple withdrew the option to update to the new HomeKit build on December 22 and did not say when and with which fixes the option would be made available again.

Before Christmas, Apple also announced that the update would be discontinued help document Released to help users who are having access issues related to the update to resolve it. Annoying for Apple customers in Germany: even after a week, there is still no official translation.

Homekit invitations

In fact, the HomeKit architecture review, released in mid-December, is supposed to improve everything. According to Apple, the new infrastructure created for HomeKit should not only ensure a more reliable connection between connected devices, but also speed it up. However, only some users have seen these improvements so far. On the other hand, the first reports of massive problems appeared on the evening of the update release, a good week before Apple officially acknowledged and confirmed the problems for the first time.

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