June 17, 2024

Apple CEO promises ‘big things’ for developer conference in front of students

Cupertino (dpa-AFX) – Apple CEO Tim Cook raised expectations ahead of the iPhone developer conference, which is expected to witness developments in the field of artificial intelligence. “It’s going to be big,” Cook promised at a meeting with young programmers on Sunday. He will provide an overview of future programs and functionality on Monday (from 7pm CEST) at the opening of WWDC. Among other things, new AI functions are expected, for which Apple is collaborating with ChatGPT developer OpenAI.

Dozens of winners of a programming contest for students and schoolchildren briefly presented their apps to Cook at Apple’s old headquarters in Cupertino. Among them was Vildan Kokabas from Dortmund. The 26-year-old medical student at the University of Duisburg-Essen has developed an app that women can use to document their menstrual cycle. Cocapas told Cook that she decided to program her app herself, because other services, in her opinion, did not offer enough functionality. Your app, which has not yet been published, estimates hormone levels, among other things. Kokabas said she also wanted to destigmatize the topic of women’s health.

The Apple CEO praised Kokabas’s innovative spirit and concern for others. “After meeting Feldan, I know that she has a promising career ahead of her,” the Apple CEO said.

Some of the other winning apps are also health-related. One is used to learn the correct rhythm and pressure during CPR, and the other is intended to help coordinate movement during rehabilitation by playing the piano in the air with hand movements. Cook was particularly amused by the game in which you have to do push-ups to control it.

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The Apple chief often asked young developers where the inspiration for their apps came from: “I’m always interested in that.” In many cases, the apps were dependent on the daily needs of their developers’ families. For Apple, the Swift Student Challenge is also an opportunity to win tomorrow’s software developers for its in-house programming language Swift./so/DP/eg