June 23, 2024

Apple AirTags tips and tricks

Apple AirTags tips and tricks

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(Pocket-lint) Apple AirTags are small, round devices that you can attach to your belongings with a range of accessories. Then, if you’ve lost any of these belongings, you can use the Apple Find My app to locate them.

There are not as many hidden features in AirTags as there are in AirPods, but there are still a few features that will help you get the most out of them.

Here are the top Apple AirTag tips and tricks.


How to set up AirTag

Setting up AirTag is very easy. Simply pull out the plastic tab when you’re ready to set it up and keep the AirTag within 50mm of your device.

A map will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to follow the instructions and get your AirTag setup.

How to rename AirTag

You can name the AirTag when you set it up, but you can change it later if you want. Open the Find My app > tap on an item > tap on the AirTag you want to rename > scroll down to rename the item > select from list.

How to remove AirTag

If you want to remove AirTag from your Apple ID account and Find My app, open Find My app > tap on items > tap on AirTag you want to remove > scroll down and tap remove.

You can also swipe the AirTag from right to left in the list in the Find My app and tap the red trash can icon.

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How to find AirTag

If you’re looking for an item you’ve attached an AirTag to, you can open the Find My app to get exact location directions.

Open the Find My app > tap on the items > tap on the name of the item you want to search > tap on the search icon. You will then receive directions to your item.

Make your AirTag play a sound to find it

Instead of getting directions to an item you’ve attached to your AirTag, you can make it beep. This is great, for example, if you drop your keys on the side of the sofa or something.

Open Find My app > Click on an item > Click on the item you attached to the AirTag you want to search > Click on the audio play icon.

Put your AirTag in Lost Mode.

If you misplace an item you’ve attached to your AirTag and know it’s missing, you can put it in Lost Mode.

In Lost Mode, you can choose to be notified when the item is found, lock it so that AirTag can’t be assigned to another Apple ID, and leave a message with a phone number or email address so the finder can find your contact.

Open Find My App > Tap on Items > Select the item you want to put in Lost Mode > Scroll down to Lost Mode > Select Enable > Select Next.

How to be notified when you leave AirTag

It is possible to set up your AirTag to notify you when you leave it somewhere, and you can also set up exceptions. Great if you are taking your keys somewhere and want to make sure you don’t forget them when you leave.

Open the Find My app > Tap on items > Tap on the item you have attached to the AirTag you want to be notified > Swipe up > Tap Notify when Abandoned > Turn on Notify when Abandoned.

How to set up exceptions to not be notified when an AirTag is left

You may want to set your AirTags to notify you when they are left behind, except when you leave the house, for example.

Open Find My app > Click on items > Click on the item you attached to the AirTag you want to set an exception for > Scroll up > Tap Notify me if left behind > Click New location > Enter an address > Tap Done.

How to check your AirTag battery

AirTags come with a user-replaceable battery and you must use it for about a year before it needs to be replaced. However, you should still check the battery.

Open Find My app > tap on the item > tap on the item containing the desired AirTag. You will see the battery under your AirTag’s name.

Make sure you don’t follow the AirTag

An AirTag can’t stalk you because if your iOS device detects an AirTag that isn’t registered to your Apple ID, you’ll get a notification letting you know. It is possible to turn off item safety alerts, but if you do that, you will not be notified and the owner of the Apple AirTag will be able to see your location.

To turn off item safety warnings, open the Find My app > tap the Me tab in the bottom right corner > turn off item safety warnings.

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You can also take with you any AirTags or AirPods that are not associated with your Apple ID. Open the Find My app > click on the items tab at the bottom > click on the items that were discovered with you.

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