June 21, 2024

Antonia raises serious allegations against RTL radio station

Antonia raises serious allegations against RTL radio station

Antonia Hammer is sure: RTL has cast Patrick as a “Summer House” villain.Photo: rtl

Jennifer Ulrich

“The Summer House of the Stars” has provided the next turbulent season in the past few weeks. Eric Senderman and Katharina Hambuchen were first to cause quite a stir due to the breakup during production, but later Patrick Romer and Antonia Hammer came into focus.

The farmer received heavy criticism for weeks for his toxic behavior. He repeatedly insulted his partner, accusing her of not being sufficiently motivated in games. Nor was he shy about exposing the body.

After the final match and TV reunion on RTL, Antonia spoke on her Instagram story and assured her fans that That Patrick’s behavior in “Summer House” was not as bad as it appeared on TV.

Summer House: Antonia defends Patrick

“A lot has changed” since “summer,” the blonde candidly admits: “Charisma brought something, you definitely have to change something.” However, she is happy that the problems have arisen now that the relationship is still relatively new. This makes it easy to work on.

The love of the “Bauer sucht Frau” couple wasn’t that bad anyway, but apparently not that bad anymore. Antonia openly defends Patrick in the clip and at the same time criticizes RTL:

“To be fair, a lot was left out. Patrick was portrayed as the villain from start to finish.”

Photo: antonia_hemmer / instagram

Antonia further explains that the “summer house” audience should always have a clear picture of all participants and that this allows little or no contradiction. Therefore, many scenes in which Patrick showed his affection were not broadcast. “After Eric was gone, I needed a new one,” the reality actress is sure—she obviously means a scapegoat.

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Antonia remembers about her boyfriend: “He would often say ‘I love you’ and praise me after matches.” Looks like it wasn’t on TV.

Antonia clears up ‘Summertime’ confusion

Some fans also questioned the story of the final episode. Someone asks, for example, “What happened after the final? RTL didn’t show anything”. The former candidate “Bauer sucht Frau” has a ready explanation for this as well:

“I have to say I found the ending playfully cut, at least the end. The problem was we had a huge bottle of champagne and Patrick was spraying champagne all over. Once he sprayed it right in my eyes.”

After that, Antonia barely moved and was only occupied with her eye that was watering heavily: “It burned my eyes so much, that’s why you can’t show so many of us anymore.” Of course, the incident wasn’t bad intentions on Patrick’s part, but it did happen in the rush of victory.

Today, the model looks back at the RTL shot generally comfortably: “The main thing is we won the damn thing,” is the epilogue. According to Antonia, “the couple shared the prize money like brothers” – after Patrick’s manly behavior on the show, many fans feared something else.

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