June 21, 2024

Anti-Semitism instead of science: what does the SRF say about it?

The section of the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) is unusually direct and sharp on Uva Jensen To the Commissioner of Anti-Semitism at the Technical University of Berlin turns a goat into a gardener. The historian specifically appeases the forms of anti-Semitism faced by Jewish students.

After weeks of occupation, vandalism and threats to Jewish students at the Technical University of Berlin, its rector has been appointed Geraldine Rauch “Representative of anti-Semitism at the university.”

FAZ is conducting a search for the person responsible for the new position. Uva Jensen is the name of a guy who focuses solely on research into far-right anti-Semitism. When it comes to “Israel-related anti-Semitism,” meaning left-wing and Muslim, Jensen, according to FAZ, is firmly on the woke side, meaning that for him there is no “Islamic anti-Semitism” or even left-wing anti-Semitism.

A new study from the University of Konstanz shows shocking results: more than 30% of Muslim students support anti-Semitic positions. Among non-Muslim students, it is a maximum of six percent.

With Jensen’s appointment, “the red carpet will be rolled out for Hamas sympathizers,” according to what the newspaper quoted him as saying Thomas Thiale Jewish associations that expressed their strong protest against the Technical University of Berlin and its president.

Surprisingly, the SRF, which meticulously documents every pro-Palestinian protest, including in Berlin, says nothing about the story in Berlin.

The Basler Zeitung’s shocking research into rampant anti-Semitism at the University of Basel cannot be found on the srf.ch website. Anyone currently searching for something about “Antisemitism at the University of Basel” on srf.ch will not find a current article on the main topic in privately run newspapers or privately run internet portals.

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