July 15, 2024

Another volcano erupts in Iceland

Another volcano erupts in Iceland

Iceland does not rest. A view of the Magni crater formed during the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010 (archive)

Simon Meyer / Cornerstone

Iceland is experiencing its third volcanic eruption in two and a half years. The impressive landscape is located near the capital, Reykjavík, and has been heralded by thousands of earthquakes.

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  • A volcano is erupting again in Iceland: for the third time in just two and a half years.
  • Live footage from a sparsely populated area near the capital, Reykjavík, shows deep plumes of smoke billowing. Lava also came out.
  • There is no danger to the population. Bespectacled tourists have been warned against trips to the outbreak area.

For Icelanders, it is almost typical when a volcano erupts near the capital, Reykjavík. It’s time again: An eruption has begun northwest of Mount Litli-Hrútur, the Icelandic meteorological service Vedurstofa announced on its website on Monday.

on live recordings From the area on the sparsely populated Reykjanes Peninsula, thick plumes of smoke could be seen in the early evening, but no surface lava flows from the corner. However, images taken by the agency showed red-hot lava flowing from an elongated crack in the ground.

The outbreak began around 4:40 p.m. (local time), Fedorstova wrote on Facebook. In Switzerland, it was already early evening at that time. The crack in the ground is supposed to be about 200 meters long. Scientists are in the area to take measurements.

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The volcanic region is located about 40 kilometers southwest of Reykjavík. The last volcanic eruptions in the region were in August 2022 and before that in March 2021, after many earthquakes announced it. This time too, there have been thousands of earthquakes in the region in the past few days, the latest one late Sunday evening, the fiercest of the current swarm of magnitude 5.2 earthquakes.

No danger to residents. Warning to tourists

The authority attached the message with a warning to those who wanted to go straight into the landscape: the hike to the eruption site was long and the scenery difficult. Therefore, it is advised to wait and follow the instructions of the Civil Defense.

Experts had expected a new outbreak of the disease due to the earthquakes. As in 2021 and 2022, the risk to the population is rated Low.

How long the pyroclastic flow will last is not clear. The eruption in 2021 caused lava fountains to rise again and again for about half a year, and the eruption in 2022 was shorter. The landscape has attracted many volcanologists, as well as hikers and tourists. Overall, the outbreak has not caused any major unrest among the Icelandic population.