December 1, 2023

Announcing a new part of the adventure

Announcing a new part of the adventure

from Matthias Broccoli
Point & Click instead of Loot & Shoot: Tales from the Borderlands, the enchanting adventure sequel to Borderlands games! There should be new information in the summer of 2022 – but Telltale Games may no longer be the responsible developer studio.

While we still happily make our way through Tiny Tina’s wonderland, That just got a big patchlooking forward to the version Borderlands movie starring Kevin Hart Looking ahead, the Borderlands project was announced live. As the official Borderlands Twitter account has revealed that Gearbox and 2K Games are working on a new version of Tales from the Borderlands – the point and click branch of the shooter series:

Who is in the movie Borderlands? The whole cast at a glance!

New Tales from Borderlands – Not from Telltale?

This teaser is not about Telltale Games, the developer studio behind Tales from the Borderlands. However, given that this has since been shut down and rebuilt – mainly as a publisher – it’s not surprising. But who exactly is responsible for the development of the second season of Tales from the Borderlands, we will likely find out only in the summer of 2022, when there will be more information and a big announcement.

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