Annika Morgan is off to a comfortable start to the Snowboard World Championships

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from: Sebastian Schoch

Annika Morgan wants to perform successful tricks in the World Championships in Slope Style and Big Air. The photo shows her at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. © Angelica Warmut/Dr

Despite the adverse training conditions, snowboarder Annika Morgan is enjoying a comfortable start to the Downhill World Championships in Bakuriani.

Miesbach – Annika Morgan will take part in the World Championships in Bakuriani for the first time on Sunday. However, she does not yet know what tricks she will show in the slopestyle swimming qualifiers. “I haven’t planned out what I want to do yet,” says the skier from SC Miesbach.

How could she? The past few days in Georgia, there has been no real training to think of. “It was very windy,” says Morgan. Instead of practicing various tricks and jumps on the track, the skaters carefully skated over various elements in order to get at least some snow under the board. “Thursday was the first decent halfway day,” says Morgan. On Saturday, the skaters got an extra day of training. The 21-year-old describes the course with six different sections as “not that easy”. But getting to know each other is an added attraction. Morgan does not aim at a specific position. “I intend to make a good run” – I hope it will be enough for the final.

Although the slopestyler is right next door to the rider, Morgan isn’t afraid of the poor conditions she encountered at Cheyenne Loch (we reported on). “It has been snowing for the past two or three days,” she says. The wind blew some of it away, but some snow remained.

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The fact that Morgan has only competed in two World Cups this winter is a conscious decision. The Olympic winter with long trips to the USA, Canada and China was very stressful. “I wanted to snowboard more for myself again. Go up the mountain more often and just have fun, not just the train,” explains Morgan.

Techno and Crochet: This is how Annika Morgan relieves herself from the pressures of competition.

Morgan does not put any pressure on himself

In her second World Cup this winter, she proved that she is still one of the best in her discipline. In Mammoth Mountain (USA) she was third and set the standard for the world championships. “It boosted my confidence and it was really fun,” she says. With this feeling, you now want to show good tours in Bakuriani.

Even before her first assignment under competition conditions, Morgan was Snowboard Germany’s hope. Teammates Noah Victor and Moritz Bro missed out on making it to the swimming finals on Friday, so only the 21-year-old could do so. However, she does not feel any additional pressure. “I just do my business and hope it goes well. I don’t feel any pressure.”

After the downhill swimming qualifiers on Sunday, the final of the senior eight, which the Mittenwald compatriot would like to reach, awaits on Monday. After that, the title fights are not over for them, and the great air competition is still waiting. Qualification was scheduled for Saturday, March 4, with the final one day later. ses

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