June 23, 2024

Anne Hathaway: Actress talks about pure hate

Anne Hathaway: Actress talks about pure hate

Anne Hathaway at the screening of her new movie ‘Times of Upheaval’. Photo: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Nearly ten years after winning an Oscar, actress Anne Hathaway remembers the hate she had at the time. Today, she considers it an opportunity to learn.

Anne Hathaway, 39, won an Academy Award in 2013 for her role in Les Misérables. Instead of congratulating, the actress was flooded with hateful comments. when The “Women in Hollywood” event hosted by the American “Elle” I remember the hard times.

“Ten years ago, I had the opportunity to look at the language of hate from a new perspective,” she said. “It’s been a language I’ve spoken to myself since I was seven.” But in the meantime, “no more room” for negative energies.

Anne Hathaway sees pure hate as an opportunity

Anne Hathaway is confident that others can continue her learning process. “The good news is that hate is learned, and those who learn it can continue to learn,” she said. She hopes the haters will give themselves a chance to learn to love again. “You have no right to judge someone – let alone hate them – for their existence,” the actress emphasized at the end of her speech. Instead, try to be happy for others. She encouraged the audience to “be especially happy for the women who achieve so much. It’s not that difficult.”

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Anne Hathaway fans can look forward to it too. On October 28, her new movie “Times of Upheaval” celebrated its premiere in the USA. It can also be seen in German cinemas from mid-November.