December 3, 2023

Annapurna Interactive: Drei PlayStation-Indie-Spiele finden ihren Weg auf Xbox

Annapurna Interactive: Three indie games from PlayStation make their way to Xbox

Photo: Annapurna Interactive

A month and a half ago, it was raining somewhat from the gaming world with advertisements: during the Summer Games Festival from June 9-14, 2022, many larger and smaller publishers put out ideas, trailers, and teasers about video games. However, Annapurna Interactive did not exist.

inside your Annapurna Interactive Exhibition 2022 The independent publisher is now providing insight into new games and porting already published games to new platforms. Once again, Cyberpunk Stray has never been represented – the highly successful indie game Triple A is still playable exclusively on PlayStation and PC.

Three new standalone titles for Xbox players

Alternatively, Xbox owners can look forward to three more titles that are not yet available on Microsoft consoles, but are available on Sony game consoles. One of them is the third-person action-adventure game The Pathless, developed by Giant Squid, in which players guide an assassin across a cursed island with a bow and arrow. The open world game without a mini-map is already available for iOS, macOS, and PC as well as PlayStation and is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. subordinate metascore 77 points.

The second game is Maquette, a puzzle adventure developed by Graceful Decay in a repetitive game world in which every action, both small and large, occurs: every building, factory, object, small and huge at the same time, allowing for puzzles of interesting dimensions. The game is currently available on PlayStation and PC, and will also be available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch in Q4, in addition to being included in Game Pass. subordinate metascore 70 points.

And third, Solar Ash is finding its way to the Xbox. Developed by Heart Machine, this 3D neon world sci-fi game is all about dealing with human trauma and letting go of the dramatic and devastating life events. So far, the game is available on PlayStation and via the Epic Games Store for PC. An Xbox release will follow during the fourth quarter and is scheduled to be released on Steam in December 2022. Continued metascore 77 points.

Many ads

Other ads include mechanical shooter Bounty Star (Trailer)slated for release in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Or a survival horror game The Lost Wild (Trailer) Where players have to escape from dinosaurs in a night jungle. The title is scheduled for release on Steam but doesn’t have a date yet. However, it can already be played via a demo on Steam Thirsty Thirst (Trailer). Outerloop Games RPG is all about culture, interpersonal relationships, family pressures, and self-expression, featuring role-playing combat.

also announced Flock (Trailer)It is a multiplayer game in which players collect and ride flying animals. The point-and-click adventure will be released next week on August 4 for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and iOS Too Late (Trailer). The slow game accompanies the life of a woman as players immerse themselves in memories and dreams of the past through everyday objects. Meanwhile, next generation ports are received Outer Wilds (Trailer) And the What’s left of Edith Finch.