July 15, 2024

Angry S-Class customer from Canada warns Mercedes: ‘I’ll fight to the end’

Angry S-Class customer from Canada warns Mercedes: ‘I’ll fight to the end’

  • FromSebastian Oppenheimer


The steering of his new S-Class was allegedly banned – since then a Canadian has been in decisive terms with Mercedes-Benz. Now he warns the automaker.

Stuttgart – His case sparked huge waves in Germany: Canadian Datong Yang was so angry about a serious malfunction in his S-Class Mercedes that he traveled to the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart to file a complaint. It was then that he announced that he had been promised to take care of his problem. Out of all the inconvenience, he switched from his luxury sedan from Mercedes to an SUV from rival BMW in Munich. But it appears that Mercedes-Benz has not solved its problem yet. Datong Yang has now written a long email to the company – describing his condition again – and settling accounts with the automaker, Stuttgart, As reported by 24auto.de.

As the Canadian reports, Mercedes-Benz Canada did not respond to his legal letters. As a result, Datong Yang filed a lawsuit with the Provincial Supreme Court. However, even after the lawsuit was filed, he had still not heard of Mercedes-Benz Canada. That is why he found clear words in his e-mail: he thinks Mercedes-Benz has a “serious business problem”. You are acting “extremely irresponsible” towards clients. For cars with problems, Mercedes’ strategy is: “Avoid responsibility, postpone and deny everything.” The Canadian is determined not to give up – even if it results in “losses,” it probably means financial losses. Datong Yang writes that the “delay strategy for Mercedes-Benz Canada headquarters” is completely wrong. “I’ll fight to the end.” * 24auto.de display from IPPEN.MEDIA.