June 20, 2024

Android apps like Gmail and WebView crashes are to blame

Android apps like Gmail and WebView crashes are to blame

This afternoon, some Android users (including themselves) suddenly see notifications pop up on their device that apps have stopped working. Many applications fail to open suddenly. This includes major apps like Gmail, a number of banking apps, and Google Pay, among others.

There have been reports of the problem at DownDetectorAnd the Reddit And the TwitterUnd Google Workspace Cloud Status Dashboard Agreed You are aware of issues with the Gmail app on Android. According to the status message, there will be an update about the issue by 8:05 PM ET (see below for more information).

When facing this issue, a lot of people went to the Google Play Store on their device and uninstalled the latest system app update calledAndroid System WebView. It is the app that provides a Chrome-like browser view within the apps. According to the developers and end users, many of the errors that users see indicate the presence of the problem.

Uninstalling updates made my phone cold and back to normal. It may work with your device. As mentioned below, Google confirmed the WebView issue and is now working to fix it.

Update (20.26 hours ET): Google confirmed the problem and linked it to the WebView app. According to a spokesperson, “We are aware of an issue with WebView that causes some apps to crash on Android. We are currently working on a full domain review and a fix is ​​being made.”