Android apps are now available on Windows 11

It has long been known that Windows 11 will be released without Android apps. The applications have now entered the public testing phase.

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft put Android apps in the spotlight at the presentation of Windows 11.
  • The new feature in the operating system is still not ready to say.
  • Now interested parties can try out Android apps, at least in the testing phase.

The latest version of Windows 11 has been publicly available since the beginning of the month — at least in part. Since the well-advertised feature in the new OS version of Redmond is still missing: File Android App Support. If you don’t want to wait any longer, you can now start the testing phase.

Android apps in Windows 11 via detours

To qualify for the current trial, interested parties must have a US account and a US accountAmazonaccount. Alternatively, the Windows subsystem for Android can also be used manually Downloaded from the Internet and installed. Here it is also possible to install external APK files as apps.

However, anyone who takes the “official” path in the Insider Program will have access to Amazon-Store with Android apps. There is also a limitation here, as only 50 “formatted” Android programs are available. 600,000 applications would already be possible. In the meantime, it is also still unclear when Android apps will stop working Official and without detours Available in Windows 11.

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