June 14, 2024

An intense tornado wreaks havoc in the southern United States


Severe tornado causes damage in the southern United States – at least 600 injured

A severe tornado struck the town of Little Rock, Arkansas. Pictures from local television stations showed upturned trees, overturned cars and torn roofs.

The local broadcaster reported on Friday that the local rescue service assumes at least 600 casualties. Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott tweeted that he had asked Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders to help the National Guard.

The hurricane was part of a severe weather system that stretched from the southern United States to the Great Lakes region in the north. The National Weather Service has announced an increased tornado risk in this area.

Severe devastation after the hurricane.

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A tornado killed at least 26 people in Mississippi and Alabama just one week ago. On Friday, US President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, visited the small town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, which was hit hard by the hurricane.

During the visit, Biden got an idea of ​​the devastation in the community of 2,000 residents and met with, among other things, the city’s mayor and affected residents. “You are not alone,” Biden said amid the rubble of destroyed homes and uprooted trees. “The American people will stand with you. Biden promised you that.” On Monday, the president announced the opening of a local disaster center where affected residents can seek help. (dpa)

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