An 81-year-old man lived only six days with biscuits and ice


Stuck – A man (81) survives six days with just cookies and ice

In fact, the trip should have taken only three hours for Jerry Jourit. But on his way to Nevada, he got stuck in a snowdrift on a deserted California road – and had to wait almost a week for rescuers to arrive.


Jorit’s car gets stuck in the snow during a storm.

Inyo County Sheriff’s Office

  • An 81-year-old California man got stuck in the snow for six days in his car.

  • He ate a pair of cookies he had with him and drank ice.

  • When a search helicopter found him, Jerry Jouret was still in relatively good condition.

On February 24, Jerry Gorey drove his SUV from his vacation home in Big Pine, California, to return to his family in Gardnerville, Nevada. The route can be covered in just over three hours – but for the former NASA employee it was the longest trek of his life.

Because after about 30 minutes drive in California snowy mountains He took a wrong turn and ended up on a road with little traffic, which was barely impassable due to heavy snowfall – in the area 90cm of snow fell – as reported by CNN. Soon he got stuck in a snowdrift with his car.

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Jouret was ill-equipped for the sub-zero temperatures. He was wearing a relatively thin windbreaker and wrapping himself against the cold with the hotel towel and quilt that were in the car. It also appears that he did not have a mobile phone, and was unable to call for help. But the retired mathematician did not give up. He kept the engine running to keep him warm and quenched his hunger pangs with some of the biscotti, croissants, and caramels he had in the car. To quench his thirst, he ate snow through the open side window.

On the third day, the car battery runs out while Gauri was closing the window. For the remainder of his involuntary stay, it remained open a few inches.

Search delayed due to weather

Jorit’s family has reported him missing since then. The Inyo County Sheriff and Regional Rescue Organization SAR began a search on February 28, but had to wait another day due to weather. It wasn’t until March 2 that police received a “ping” from the cell phone they were looking for, and shortly thereafter a search party in a helicopter spotted the snow-covered vehicle. Jorit saved He was taken by plane to the hospital for examination. “The nurses couldn’t believe how good he was,” says Christian.

Jory was taken to Big Pine from where he traveled to Nevada by bus. His SUV must wait in the snow until the weather allows him to continue his journey.

Always keep emergency supplies with you on the winter roads.

His grandson is full of praise for his grandfather: “He is a very smart person,” says Christian Jouret. He’s fine, but he’s still traumatized by the experience. “I hope this serves as a warning to others about how dangerous it can be to travel in the dead of winter,” said the grandson. “You should always have emergency supplies with you. But the most important thing is not to give up hope. It’s amazing what the human body can handle.”

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