June 17, 2024

America's Cup: What should the next trophy look like - will the British buy a place in the final?

America’s Cup: What should the next trophy look like – will the British buy a place in the final?

There is growing evidence of the possibility of the 37th American Cup sailing for England. The INEOS UK team Sir Jim Ratcliffe explains how this might work.

Jim Ratcliffe is in the middle of his British Cup team. © Cor 36 | Burlingy Studio

The first cry was when rumors grew about new Cup organizers from New Zealand and England plans for the upcoming America’s Cup. It looks like they really want to exclude other participants in the next release. American Magic has apparently threatened to reconsider such considerations by the New York Supreme Court.

Luna Rossa has now also referred to this project as a “farce”. no wonder. Max Serena explains to Italian media that the current design team has already committed 90 percent to the next cycle. Italians really don’t take a break. Spithill should be there again. You don’t like being left out from the next match.

However, the intent of a two-person match doesn’t seem quite as offensive as it does. At least it is already commented on in the New Zealand media.

Because the plan apparently states that the normal cycle will not change for most competitors. It’s just a match in England off the Isle of Wight next year with the current boats for both teams. Whoever wins, pledges in advance to defend the 38th America’s Cup in Auckland in a multi-challenging event, possibly in 2024.

‘A little weird’

INEOS President Jim Ratcliffe has now confirmed to The Telegraph that this plan will be what he wants. It would be a big deal for the UK. It would be a huge success. ”Because no one in the northern hemisphere saw these boats in real competition.

The next cup duel? The British could buy a place in the final. © Cor 36 | Burlingy Studio

Sure, that’s a little strange. “But the trophy was always a little weird. It wouldn’t be the first time such a duel had happened. This is how it worked for the first 100 years. We really want to level the playing field and reduce the costs and make it fairer for the other participants. Nothing will change in that regard.” . He even would like to see an independent organization charged with hosting boat races in order to make everything as fair as possible.

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But ultimately it’s up to the kiwi, Ratcliffe says. “All I can say is that we will have talks with Grant Dalton and Sons. Hopefully we will find good solutions.”

Dalton, chief executive of the New Zealand team, has since confirmed that the British proposals are on the table. He told TVNZ New Zealand that a regatta off Cowes was an option. “We want to go back to Auckland, but we also have to think about the team. In the end, I’m primarily responsible for its safety.” He must make sure it stays strong enough to defend the cup.

New Zealanders need new money

It addresses finances. A struggling major sponsor, Emirates Airlines, less background private money and constant anger over potential government funds are spurring him to open new ones. Possibility to locate is the greatest pound a Copa America winner can grow with.

Ainsley, America's Cup

Ainslie and Jim Ratcliffe in their first official handshake in 2018. © Ineos Team GB

Alinghi took advantage of this for the first time when they started the bidding process for 2007 and Valencia eventually won the contract. Larry Ellison was also well paid for the 2017 Cup sailing from Bermuda. It should also be possible for Jim Ratcliffe to bring the trophy “home”. With an estimated wealth of $ 17 billion, he must have the necessary financial resources.

It’d be a good deal for Ben Ainslie’s team. You can collect match training, grab attention at home and let the design team continue to work in full force to introduce the current AC75 to New Zealanders on an equal footing. It would be possible for them to do that.

If they really change the rules with the kiwi in such a way that sailing skills define boat races’ victories and more class individual design features are defined, then the 38th America’s Cup in particular could be pretty big.