October 4, 2023

American tourists meet the Queen - they don't recognize her

American tourists meet the Queen – they don’t recognize her


02. August 2021 – 12:33 hour

Royal has a sense of humor

For someone like Queen Elizabeth II (95) the little things can be a rarity in life. For example, an inexperienced conversation, without any proprietary reservations on the part of the interlocutors. One of the king’s employees told the British newspaper “The Times” a particularly charming story. Accordingly, the Queen was walking around her residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland when a group of American tourists approached her. She did not seem to know that the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was standing before them.

Have you met herself before?

Instead of educating ignorant tourists, the Queen apparently enjoyed small, unexpected conversations in disguise and allowed herself many jokes. When asked if she lives in the area, she answers that she owns a house nearby. When people wanted to know from her if she had ever met the Queen, the 95-year-old proved her quick wit, as reported by The Sun: “No, but this police officer has met her before,” Elizabeth II told me and referred to their firm. . After speaking to the friendly old lady, the tour group finally left without any doubt.

Queen Elizabeth II spends a few weeks each summer on a Scottish estate. In 2021, she will have to do it for the first time without her husband – Prince Philip died in April of this year at the age of 99.

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