June 23, 2024

American star Jesse Eisenberg applies for Polish citizenship


Updated May 27, 2024 at 7:49 p.m

Jesse Eisenberg applied for Polish citizenship. The New York-born actor seems to be missing just the corresponding signature.

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Jesse Eisenberg (40) is trying to obtain Polish citizenship. It seems that the final step towards naturalization is not far away. In conversation With the newspaper “Głos Wielkopolski” The New York City-born Hollywood star recently revealed that he applied for citizenship about nine months ago. “It appears that all the papers have been completed and I am awaiting the final signature.” Eisenberg Current status.

Eisenberg also explains why he applied for Polish citizenship. His family comes from the small eastern town of Krasnestau. His wife, Anna Strut, also has Polish roots. Their family comes from Lodz. The two wanted to build a better relationship with Poland, and Eisenberg also wanted to film there more often.

A film about two cousins ​​brought him closer to Poland

The actor’s last film to date, Real Pain, was filmed in Poland – in several places with which he has family ties. In addition to filming in Krasnystau, the material was also recorded in Lublin, Warsaw, Radom, Krasnik and others.

Eisenberg, known from “Zombieland,” “The Social Network” and more, can not only be seen in the feature film alongside “Succession” star Kieran Culkin (41), but he also directed it. The film revolves around two cousins ​​from the United States who travel to Poland, their family’s home country.

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He explains that the actor feels a special connection to Poland. Growing up, he often heard stories about his Jewish family’s relationship with the Polish people — and all of them were fascinating. “We were best friends with the Poles,” says Eisenberg.

When he was working on his film, he met some people associated with the government. “I would like to create better relations between Jews and Polish people,” the 40-year-old said at the time. “I think it is a shame that relations are not good.” “I would like to do that. My family is from here, and my wife’s family is from here. Is there a way we can apply for Polish citizenship?” (w/spot)
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