America Dale star Peterson runs away, the club only finds the car and the keys

and gone! After just two games for the Bietigheim Steelers, Avery Peterson initially disappears without a trace. The DEL club near Stuttgart finds the American striker’s equipment in the coat room and the car keys on the table in his apartment. Then it turned out that the 26-year-old simply booked the flight back home on his own initiative.

The story behind the case: After the Steelers terminated a contract with a guilty player, they need a replacement. He escorted Peterson in early December. Teammates who know the American describe him according to the club’s statement as a “good guy”. Obviously it is not. Because after two games on December 10 and 12, Peterson no longer wanted. He says: “Before the match against Iserlohn, all the bags were packed, he told us he was no longer able to play, he was ill and hardly slept. He wants to go back to the USA immediately,” the club writes.

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