America: 100 degree temperature difference – Canada is freezing and Argentina is sweating


January 13, 2022 – 8:52 am hour

by Emily von Krudner

With temperatures varying by 100 degrees, the American continent can still shine this week. A heat wave is pouring in Argentina, while in Canada temperatures drop to -52 ° C.

Severe heat wave rolls in Argentina – power outage in Buenos Aires

RTL meteorologist Martin Bashirer assessed the situation in Argentina as follows: “Argentina is facing a massive heat wave. Right now, temperatures here are up to 43 degrees. And that’s not the end of it. In the next few days the weather will be much hotter with highs of 45 degrees and more. And a cracking record of 48.9 degrees cannot be completely ruled out. “.

700,000 people in the greater Buenos Aires area had to endure the heat without air conditioning: the electricity was cut off. According to media reports, the cause of the power outage was a fire in one of the power lines outside Buenos Aires. Grid operators have previously reported high levels of electricity demand. Because of the heat, many people have turned on their air conditioners. About 39 degrees were measured in Buenos Aires at noon.

The polar vortex hasn’t been running smoothly for weeks – especially in the USA and Canada.

High temperatures in Antarctica too

The previous record on January 21, 1999 was 10.1 degrees Celsius.

© Getty Images / iStockphoto, plrphoto

Extreme temperatures in Argentina broke another record as a sad side effect: at Polar Station Belgrano 2, the southernmost of 13 Argentine research stations in Antarctica, a thermometer showed 11.4 degrees Celsius. This is the highest temperature since the beginning of the recording. This clearly surpassed the previous record on January 21, 1999 of 10.1°C.

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-52 degrees in Canada

And so he goes to the frozen northern part of the American continent, icy Canada: at the Rabbit Kettle Hot Springs station -52.8 the temperature was measured. This value is only slightly behind the Northwest Territories record of -54.7 degrees from March 2017 at Molde Bay on Prince Patrick’s Island.

More about the current weather in Canada

Cool with very low scores

There are also other places currently below -30° from Nunavut to Ontario and Quebec, including places south of 50° latitude like Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario (47.7°N) or Val D’Or in Quebec (48.1°N) latitude. ).

This year also begins with severe weather

Therefore, 2022 continues with extreme weather events. As early as 2021, which is the fifth year on record in terms of temperatures, it has caused a number of alarming rises and several natural disasters.

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