July 17, 2024

AMD’s FidelityFX Ready for Developers

AMD’s FidelityFX Ready for Developers

With FidelityFX, AMD has a new super sampling technology. Developers can now use these games for Xbox One and Series X/S.

The basics in brief

  • With FidelityFX, AMD recently launched a new ultra-sampling technology.
  • Developers can already use this new technology for games on PC.
  • Now this is also possible for games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Despite the new Xbox Series X / S needs Microsoft It looks like the previous Xbox One hasn’t been dropped yet. Only recently were the upcoming AAA titles announced Also thanks to xCloud on the ‘old’ console It will work. Now, with AMD, the performance will also be improved.

New super sampling technology on Xbox One too

AMD recently introduced FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) to improve game development. The new technology aims to improve the performance and image quality of supported games. According to the computer Developers can now do that too For xbox use.

FSR is now available on Game Development Kits. Of course, this applies to the Xbox Series X/S but also to the Xbox One. The a little unexpected, but it does mean longer support for the older console.

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