June 20, 2024

AMD Instinct MI210: Dual Half PCIe GPU with 23 TFLOPS

Photo: AMD

Even if Nvidia deserves the most attention today with Hopper and Grace, AMD has also introduced a new computing accelerator. The previously announced Instinct MI210 PCIe card is now generally available, according to AMD, along with the larger MI250 and MI250X.

AMD already introduced the new generation of the Instinct family with the CDNA-2 architecture and the models MI210, MI250 and MI250X in November, but at the moment only basic data for the MI250 and MI250X multi-chip solutions are mentioned.

Instinct MI210 . Specifications

The Instinct MI210 is the first single-chip variant of the new generation and thus uses only one die. Accordingly, with 104 compute modules, 6,656 shaders, and three Infinity Fabric links, roughly half of the MI250 uses two of these chips.

Since the maximum clock is also 1700MHz, the computing power (FP64 vector: 22.6 TFLOPS) is halved completely. The same applies to storage: instead of 128 GB with 3.2 TB / s, it is only 64 GB HBM2e with 1.6 TB / s. Memory is still twice as large as in the older MI100 and also 33 percent faster.

The MI210 is offered only as a PCIe 4.0 interface card with a passive cooler and 300 watts of total board power (TBP).

Small Letter Under Nvidia Hopper

AMD has todayGeneral Availability of AMD Instinct MI200 Family and ROCm 5Announced. Potential buyers are large data centers or supercomputers with an emphasis on scientific computations such as in climate research, vaccines or artificial intelligence. Prices have not been announced in this line of products.

It’s no coincidence that AMD timed the time to report and show the availability of the MI210 closely today, when rival Nvidia introduced a new computing accelerator with its Hopper GPU and Grace CPU in the GTC 2022. The following list serves as a shortcut for more information.

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