December 7, 2023

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain |  jewish general

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain | jewish general

On his way to the president, he quickly tweeted: “What a wonderful coincidence that this event coincides with the first anniversary of the Abraham Agreement.” The new – and first – envoy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to Israel, Ambassador Khaled Yousef Al-Jalahma, is proud of his position. He presented his credentials to President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday.

“I am very proud that we have taken this courageous step and that we are working hand in hand for peace, security and stability in the world,” he said in English and Hebrew.

Courageous nations make brave decisions.

President Isaac Herzog

President Herzog emphasized that brave nations make brave decisions. “The Abrahamic Agreements are the result of vision and strength. The growing partnership between our two countries is a model for the entire Middle East, and I hope other countries in our region will be inspired by this example.”

Login On September 15, 2020, the so-called “Abraham Agreement” was signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Previously, the countries of Israel did not officially recognize Israel, and holders of Israeli passports were prohibited from entering the country.

After the signing, the three countries gave assurances that they wanted to create a “warm peace”. The text of the treaty affirms the normalization of relations in order to establish lasting peace in the Middle East and to promote religious and ethnic coexistence. The focus is on cooperation in areas such as security policy, technology and economics, as well as joint official diplomatic missions.

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Morocco and Sudan followed the example of the two Gulf states and then decided to normalize their relations with Israel.

visit At the end of June, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid made an official visit to the Gulf region for the first time. During the two-day historic visit, he opened his country’s embassy in the capital, Abu Dhabi, and a consulate in Dubai. “The link between our countries is important. He emphasized that the fruits of that are harvested not only by the citizens of the two countries, but by the entire Middle East.