June 14, 2024

Amazon Prime Gaming: 8 free games available now

In May, Amazon already let 15 free full PC versions jump through Prime Gaming — but that’s not all. There are now actually 8 additional games that you can secure right away.

Amazon Prime Gaming’s May lineup, including 15 free full titles, has long been announced, but now the internet giant is surprising us with a bonus. From now on, Amazon Prime members can get eight more titles on PC – at no additional cost.

The promotion surrounding these additional games runs through June 26th, so now you have a month to secure titles. You can claim games as usual gaming.amazon.com.

The following titles are new here:

  • Monsters of Maravella Island [Amazon Games App] – Travel the magical ecosystem of Maravella Island to discover unusual creatures, study their behavior and capture their awesomeness in this 3D adventure.
  • calico [Amazon Games App] – This day-in-the-life community sim lets you rebuild the town’s cat cafe and fill it with cute and cuddly animals.
  • DKO: Divine Knockout [Epic Games Store] – in only third place in the worldalmost-Person-Platform-Fighter You try to defeat the gods and become a legendary god yourself. To get to the top you have to get your friends off the map.
  • Double kick heroes [Amazon Games App] – Survive your way to hell and fight epic hordes of zombies in 24 levels of sheer post-apocalyptic madness.
  • Shattered: The Tale of the Forgotten King [Amazon Games App] – In this dark RPG, you must recreate reality through skill-based combat, innovative open-world platforms, and survivor testimonies.
  • Recharge the little robots [Amazon Games App] – Solve the mystery of the horrific experiments being done on your friends and save them from the evil secret laboratory.
  • Along: A Story of Shadows [Amazon Games App] – Help Emma and Fenton uncover the mysteries behind the disappearance of famous magician Thomas Kane in this unique puzzle game.
  • Turnip Boy commits tax evasion [Amazon Games App] – Play as the cute and troublesome turnip who avoids taxes by solving plant puzzles, harvesting crops and fighting giant monsters. All in an effort to overthrow the corrupt vegetable government.

The pre-May lineup also includes Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D and Planescape Torment in the Enhanced Edition.

Amazon Prime Gaming – May 2023 Trailer

The video gives you an overview of the lineup of games on Amazon Prime Gaming in the new month of May 2023.

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