July 15, 2024

Amazon Prime Day 2021 video game deals: What to expect

Amazon Prime Day 2021 video game deals: What to expect

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will take place from June 21-22. True, as in recent years, Prime Day is a two-day event. And as always, you can count on discounts on a variety of items from online retailers. Under these discounts, Amazon has all kinds of video game deals during its annual sales event. Read on to get an idea of ​​what to expect.

You need Amazon Prime to participate

Amazon Prime free for 30 days Attempt

Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and take advantage of all the benefits during Prime Day.

The first thing to know about Prime Day 2021 is that if you’re not a Prime member, you won’t get any of the discounts.

Fortunately, you can sign up for a profile 30 days free trial from the prime minister. Once you do that, you’re ready to take advantage of any Prime Day deals you want. Even better, if you do not wish to continue your membership, you can cancel it before the 30 days have passed. You still get discounts on what you buy, but you don’t have to pay anything.

Even if you don’t qualify for the free trial, probably because you’ve already used it, you can still pay Prime Month ($12.99) for Prime Day deals and then cancel after the sale ends.

Prime Day Video Game Deals

While we don’t expect big discounts on video game consoles, you can definitely save money on the video games themselves. Last year, Amazon put all kinds of first-party Nintendo Switch games on sale for $39.99, including Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Splatoon 2, Link’s Awakening, and more. These shows can definitely come back.

Big games on PlayStation and Xbox also got discounts, including The Last of Us Part 2 for $39.99 and Gears 5 for $9.99.

Video game accessories are also a big draw for sales during Prime Day. Over the past year, we’ve seen plenty of deals on microSD cards (great for adding storage to your Nintendo Switch), as well as plenty of discounted external hard drives. Third-party headphones and consoles were also cut last year.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals

We’ll likely see deals on PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Both programs are useful for anyone with the right systems as they give you access to free games and online games.

PS5 and Xbox Series X | S am Prime Day

It might go without saying, but since Sony and Microsoft can’t keep the latest generation of gaming consoles in stock, there’s no chance of offering discounts on them.

That’s a problem, but it’s possible that Amazon will get a refresh during the event – although that’s unconfirmed. If Amazon receives a top-up, it will likely happen without warning and will appear on the website without warning. So Amazon offers PS5 and Xbox Series X | The S is back in stock since it was introduced.

Stream early 2021 Prime Shows now

Some Prime Day early discounts generally apply to Amazon specials. To that end, you can save some cash on items like the Echo Dot, Echo Buds, and Echo Show. Check out all the early Prime Day deals.

Peak selling day for other retailers

Other retailers often run the sale at the same time as Amazon’s Prime Day sale. To that end, it’s definitely wise to keep an eye on video game discounts at places like Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop. We’ll be sure to highlight all the highlights on these sites as well as some Prime Day coverage.

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