July 15, 2024

Amazing win in Helsinki – 6: 3!  Tolerance test of Swiss masters against Canada with flying colors – Game

Amazing win in Helsinki – 6: 3! Tolerance test of Swiss masters against Canada with flying colors – Game

  • Switzerland beat Canada 6: 3 in the opening round of the World Cup in Finland.
  • Natty falls into existence 3 times in the first three, but always acts immediately.
  • Thanks to the 5th win in the 5th match, Switzerland has the best chance to finish the opening round of Group A which is in the 1st place before the last 2 Group matches. The quarter final ticket has already been purchased.
  • Andres Ambul became the only record holder to play in his 120th World Cup.

Yes, it’s still “only” the opening round of the World Cup. But this ice hockey national team loves you more and more and invites you to dream more and more with shows like this Saturday against Canada.

It was clear before the 5th match that Canada would be Switzerland’s first big pressure gauge in this World Cup. And coach Patrick Fischer’s team has proven that they can not only stay with the best nations, but also land them.

The captain paved the way

In a very balanced fight for the entire distance, Switzerland returned to winning ways in the 27th minute. After a pass from Dean Kugan, Nico Hisier showed his class and converted Canada’s goalie Logan Thompson 4: 3 with a hard and well – placed wrist shot. This is the first lead for the nation and one they will never give up.

With the Pius shooter, 15 minutes before the end, another NHL player blew the air out of the Canadian boat with a 5: 3. Sutter had decided to go it alone in the 2-on-1 situation, and his plan worked. As a result, they had to defend twice as much as Switzerland, thanks to Leonardo Genoni. Timo Meyer finally closed with a blank-net 2 minutes before the Swiss victory.

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6 goals in the third start

The best game of Group A was in line with expectations from the start and there was no trace of smoking. Due to the mayor’s harsh mob test, Switzerland initially faced a 5-minute deficit.

He escaped from this, and shortly after, Hisier scored the opening goal after a punch in the slot. However, after reading the video, the goalie was not allowed because the goalie was blocked – which was a controversial decision.

The Canadians then used the momentum to score through Kent Johnson (12th). Severe foot exchange occurred:

  • 13 minutes: 59 seconds after 0: 1, Michael Fora ambushed and found the back of the net goalie Thompson. His shot was decisively deflected by a Canadian.
  • 15 minutes: Meyer’s cross was blocked on the attacking blue line, and Adam Lori, more than the number, hit only Genoni, happily marking 2-1 for the “maple leaves”.
  • 16 minutes: Switzerland equalized again in the same power play. Dean Kugan neatly cuts several times and puts the disk in the case.
  • 20 minutes: The Swiss make a mistake when building their own third game. Drake Fatherson found the benefits and the way to turn Genoni into a 3-2.
  • 20 minutes: 9 seconds before the end of the third game, Jonas Seigenteler has the best chance to equalize again. As the shooter passes, the defender throws an ice shot.

Ambul is the new World Cup record holder

Before the first buck was thrown inside, the focus at the Helsinki Ice Hall was on the Swiss: Andres Ambul. The 38-year-old, who played his 120th World Cup match against Canada, now holds the record for most wins over Germany’s Udo Keesling (119 games). Ambul is already competing in his 17th World Championship in Finland. The HCD striker made his World Cup debut in 2004 in Prague.

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Here’s how to proceed

The next preliminary round match for Switzerland is already scheduled for Sunday. The national team meets France at 19:20. The Germans are the last Swiss opponents in the group stage at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday, after a day off on Monday. Before the match against Canada, Switzerland advanced to the quarter-finals. All quarterfinals will take place on Thursday.