Also with the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Joy-Con drift can also affect the Nintendo Switch OLED. This stems from the dodgy statements of the Japanese gaming giant.

The basics in brief

  • Joy-Con drift has been a global problem since the Switch was released in 2017.
  • The control levers operate the input without operating it.
  • It appears that the issue may also affect the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED.

Joy-Con-Drift has been around for years. Nintendo Switch owners around the world are complaining about the issue affecting the controller’s joysticks. Movements are recorded while the user does not make any entries.

Now the problem seems to be with the recently announced Nintendo Switch OLED can continue to exist. In response to inquiries from several media outlets, including “The Verge,” Nintendo has been very dodgy.

Rather than ensuring the issue is resolved, Nintendo says the controllers have not changed in terms of hardware. Quote: “The configuration and functionality of the Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has not changed.”

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