March 2, 2024

Alpine maintains stable order in Canada

Alpine maintains stable order in Canada

( – Alpine defended the consistent order between Estepan Ogone and Fernando Alonso at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, despite being annoyed that the Spaniard was “a hundred times faster” than his teammate over the weekend. Still need to be behind Ocon.

Esteban Ocon to help Fernando Alonso in Canada

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However, Alonso was struggling with an engine problem and claims to have lost a second straight. “So I had to get out of the corners for 1.1 or 1.2 seconds to close the gap,” says the alpine pilot.

But problems put him at risk of being overtaken by two Alfa Romeos by Valteri Potos and Guanyu Chow, who played an alpine team game and used Okan as a ploy to put Alonso in the TRS window and give him extra momentum. Straight

So it’s not hard to give orders to the Szafnauer team: “I mean, we’re fifth and sixth,” he says. “I’m always been supportive of them driving freely in general, but you have to remember that Fernando had a problem with his power unit. He had a leak, which means he did not have speed in the Straits,” the team said. The boss.

“Stephen was generously waiting for him, so we’ll get a TRS train. That’s right,” Safnaur insists.

But: Ogon is also said to have had problems over the weekend compared to Alonso. Alpine did not know what went wrong there: “We’ll see, but in the race it looked good. Estaben seemed to miss something in the corners, but we didn’t know why.”

O’Connor is ahead of Alonso in seven of nine races so far – after two spares from the Spaniard. A two-time world champion, he overtook his teammate for the first time in Monaco. However, in a qualifying fight, it is 6: 3 (senior)For an overview of all the duels)