June 17, 2024

Almost half of PC gamers fail at their first real boss

Almost half of PC gamers fail at their first real boss

From Oliver Jaeger
According to the completed achievements of the Elden Ring on Steam, so far a little more than half of the players have won their first real fight against the shardsler Godrick. The balance sheet looks much better on Playstation consoles, which raises the question of performance.

Elden Ring was already announced as having a high difficulty level prior to its release. From developer Hidetaka Miyazaki also commented on this in a pre-release interview. However, the challenging gameplay does not seem to detract from the success of Elden Ring. In the UK, the RPG from developers of the Souls franchise was said to have had the best launch week for a game other than Call of Duty or FIFA since Red Dead Redemption 2.

How hard Elden Ring really is can be seen, among other things, from the statistics on successes between PC players and consoles. a look at Global game stats in Steam Community It shows that just over two-thirds of the players have defeated the introductory boss “Margate, Mark the Ruthless”. For now, this trainer aims to test if players are ready for the Elden Ring difficulty level, which then increases. In the first “normal” boss, “the Fragment Bearer Godric”, nearly half of all players despaired: according to Steam statistics, about 57 percent have so far emerged victorious from the fight with Godric.

PC vs Console – Does Performance Matter?

On Playstation 4 and 5, players seem to be more comfortable with the difficulty. The Fragment Carrier Godrick has been released on consoles according to the site “psn files“Currently put in place by 67% of players. But how does this discrepancy happen? A possible explanation might be that the Elden Ring On the PC, meanwhile, it still has performance issues. It is said that mouse and keyboard support has been criticized by gamers, the wide screen is not supported, and stuttering has accompanied the gaming experience since the release. However, From Software is trying to improve performance with patches.

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Performance on Playstation consoles is by no means perfect, but Elden Ring should run more smoothly than on a PC. So it’s entirely possible that a smoother overall gaming performance will reduce the risk of console input lag or stuttering. Otherwise, one can only speculate about the exact reason for the better performance on consoles.

Source: via technical radar